Oregon2020 is excited to announce not one, but TWO County Birding Blitzes for the 2014 breeding season! This year we will be surveying the following counties (click on the links for additional county-specific information):

Morrow County: May 31 – June 1
Baker County: June 21-22

They may look like a mess, but Oregon2020 “Blitzers” have a blast counting birds and finding rarities.

Teams of volunteer birders will count birds within assigned areas throughout the county. Count as many birds in as many places as you can, because the Oregon2020 team will enter all the data into eBird for you! For a detailed description of the blitz process, visit our “County Birding Blitz” page.

Each county promises a unique suite of exciting species for every birder. From Chukar and Long-billed Curlews in Morrow county, to rare east-side specialties like Gray Catbird in Baker county… there’s a bird for everyone at our blitzes!

**REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN**. Please register as soon as possible so we know how many participants to expect at each blitz. During registration you can inform us if you’d like to meet Friday night (to get an early start Saturday), or have preferred birding areas.

We invite you to join us for one or both days, and in one, two, or all three counties. We’ve selected counties that have relatively sparse breeding season data in eBird. Come help us fill in the gaps!