Join us for a weekend of birding in the far Northwest of Oregon, Clatsop and Columbia counties, during our Birding Blitz from Saturday, May 30 to Sunday, May 31.

Conveniently located near Portland, Clatsop and Columbia counties cover many different habitats from coast to forest. This time of year, the hills of both counties will be alive with the sounds of breeding forest songbirds. Participants in this Blitz may find Sooty Grouse, Red-eyed Vireos and an assortment of waterbirds in the Columbia River. If you have wanted to try a blitz without investing in a long trip away from Portland, this is your blitz!

Itinerary and Registration

The Clatsop/Columbia Birding Blitz will be headquartered in two locations: St. Helens and Warrenton. Saturday we will meet in St. Helens at the Burgerville parking lot. Sunday we will meet in Warrenton at the¬†Warrenton Shiloh Inn parking lot. If you would like to participate, but cannot meet, that’s fine, just let us know and we will get you the materials and instructions you may need. You can count in Columbia on Sunday and Clatsop on Saturday if you prefer. We are quite flexible with the scheduling.

On the mornings of Saturday, May 30th and Sunday, May 31st we will break into groups and count birds in and near Hotspot Squares. After surveying Hotspot Squares in the morning, birders can visit county hotspots and explore other interesting habitat in the afternoon.

This will be a free event! However, participants will be responsible for their own accommodations and meals. It is a busy time of year for tourism, so if you plan to overnight away from home, we recommend booking accommodations as early as possible.

Would you like to join us? Please help us plan by registering in advance.

Click Here to Register for the Clatsop and Columbia Counties Birding Blitz!

Please specify if you would like to meet Friday evening and/or if you have preferred birding areas or teams. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you there!

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