Welcome to the Oregon 2020 birds project. Originally launched in 2010, the project aims to create a high-quality benchmark measurement of the distribution and abundance of Oregon’s birds.

We live in a pivotal time in history. Our world is changing. We are contributing to these changes. Birds respond.

We are the first generation of humans to realize we are partly responsible for climate change, to know that we are massively altering our environment and the habitat of Earth’s biodiversity, and to have the technological capability to map, measure, and to instantly share and electronically archive our observations of biodiversity.

The Oregon 2020 project recognizes our unique position in history. Its goal is to provide high quality data on where we find each bird species and how many of them we find all across our state here in the early twenty-first century. Working together, we can create a beautiful legacy of information that will allow future citizens and scientists, decades and centuries from now, to compare how birds are doing in their time with what we find today.

We are now launching the public side of the project. In this public side, we hope to involve plenty of citizen scientists like you. People who love birds. People who know them well. People who may not yet recognize the value of their knowledge of birds. People who can make contributions helpful to future generations simply by collecting and archiving their observations.  The Oregon 2020 project will help train you to use best practices when counting, identifying and mapping birds. We will show you the value of your everyday observations.

This journey will be fun for all of us. Together, we will explore rarely visited sections of our wonderful state, counting and mapping birds everywhere we go.  We will improve our skills at identifying, counting, mapping, and sharing.  We will see the value of observations made right in our own backyard.

We will create a new kind of Oregon Trail, a trail through time leaving a legacy of information for future generations. Our data and our contributions will last for hundreds of years.

Over the next few years, I hope that many of you will join us as we explore our state. We will learn together. We will bird together. We will contribute to the future. Together.

Douglas Robinson

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