Have you read reports from Lake Abert of tens of thousands of phalaropes, thousands of Eared Grebes and American Avocets, and wished you were there? Now is your chance! Why wait? The next Oregon2020 collaborative birding event will be the weekend of August 3-4. We will visit Lake County and enjoy the marvelous spectacle of migration at Summer Lake, Lake Abert and other places across the county.

Our birding effort in Lake County will not be a typical breeding season blitz. Instead of canvassing the entire county, we will spread out in a loosely organized, yet well distributed, manner. (Picture a skein of migrating geese!) We will be organized, and concentrate our efforts in fewer places, where we are sure to find interesting birds.

We will disperse across the county to survey migratory hotspots, enjoy the birds, count them, and contribute our observations to the eBird database. Lake County has surprisingly few eBird checklists this year (less than 200), despite the amazing variety of birds there. And, given that our event will be right in the midst of shorebird migration season, who knows what interesting vagrant we may discover! Curlew Sandpiper anyone? Little Gull? How about an eastern songbird in one of the thickets at Goose Lake?

Event Details

Join us Saturday 8/03, Sunday 8/04, or both days. It’s totally up to you! We will e-mail participants with recommendations of where to count, so that we can all get an early start. (Visibility is best early in the morning, particularly when trying to count birds at the lakes.) Then we will rendezvous in Lakeview each afternoon to share stories, report discoveries and hand-off count data. As we did with our Polk County blitz, your Oregon2020 team will shoulder the burden of data entry for you, so you need not allow the dread of data entry to prevent you from creating lots of checklists.

If you need a GPS unit, we will coordinate ways to loan you one and quickly demonstrate how to use it. Much of Lake County is remote, so cell coverage may not be great; having a GPS will help you know and record exactly where you are birding.

If you plan to spend one or more nights in Lakeview, there are several hotels available where you can make your own reservations. We suggest googling “Lakeview and hotels” to see the variety of options. Lakeview also has several restaurants and a grocery or two.

Please join us! Registering in advance at the link below will help us immensely.

Click Here to Register for the Lake County Skein!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please join us! Registering at this link will help us tremendously as we plan.

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