While the majority of Oregon 2020’s research is in the fledgeling stage, we have several projects already contributing valuable data about Oregon’s birds. Several of these projects involve historic data several decades old! Over 28 years of data from Jim and Karan Fairchild’s 40-acre property are being prepared for submission to eBird by a crew of diligent student interns.

Another project involves a large-scale, multi-year statewide survey of winter raptors. The Winter Raptor Surveys give us a unique perspective on what birds of prey choose to occupy our state during the non-breeding season. Several student interns are now working to associate GPS locations with every raptor route across Oregon and Idaho.

Finally, Oregon 2020 is involving undergraduate students from Oregon State University in a variety of fun, informative projects ranging from on-campus Evening Grosbeak surveys to investigating ways to improve citizen science and increase eBird participation. To learn more about the people and data involved in our current projects, visit our Current Projects page. We hope to continue expanding the number and scope of projects regarding Oregon’s birds!

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